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Q: What’s this Alternating Currents festival all about?

A: Unless you’ve ever been, you’ve never seen the Quad Cities electrified in this light. 30+ venues hosting over 200 performances, screenings and arts events surge through Quad Cities downtowns during Alternating Currents. It's where you’ll find dozens of unique restaurants, shops, bars and more to explore as you move from one venue to the next, just like the flow of alternating currents.

Q: How does admission work; is this FREE?

A: Nearly all programming is free to attend. ​If admission is charged it’s noted by the venue on our Schedule & Line Up.


Q: How do I navigate the festival?

A: Our Alternating Currents app is the best tool to find out what is happening at the festival and will provide real-time notifications to changes in schedules and locations! You can find the full festival map on the app. Download the AC app. 

Q: What about food & beverages? 

A: One of our favorite aspects of Alternating Currents is all of the love shown to downtown businesses. For food, we want you to hop in and grab a quick bite to eat at one of our restaurants or food trucks. If you're ready to party, we’ve got plenty of bars and restaurants, and many of our official venues have both food and adult beverages, too.

Q: Will sign language interpreters be available?

A: Absolutely! We strive to create an inclusive and accessible festival experience for all attendees. To ensure that everyone can fully immerse themselves in the electrifying performances on our main stages (Kaiserslautern Square, Schwiebert Riverfront Park, & Skybridge Courtyard), sign language interpreters will be provided. We believe that music and art should be enjoyed by everyone, regardless of hearing ability, and we are committed to breaking barriers and fostering a diverse and welcoming environment. Let's celebrate the power of music together at Alternating Currents, where everyone can feel the flow of creativity and connection!

If you need assistance, please grab the attention of an interpreter or make contact with an AC/Downtown Davenport Partnership employee on-site and we would be happy to assist.

Q: What venues are participating? 

A: All of the following venues will be celebrating Alternating Currents so make sure you stop by!

Downtown Bettendorf Venues:

  • Coming soon

Downtown Davenport Venues: 

  • Armored Gardens - Outdoor

  • Bootleg Hill Honey Meads - Indoor

  • Capitol Theatre - Indoor

  • City Loafers - Indoor

  • Common Chord/Skybridge Courtyard - Outdoor

  • Daq Fac - Indoor/Outdoor

  • Figge Art Museum - Indoor

  • Front Street Brewery Pub and Eatery - Outdoor

  • Front Street Taproom - Outdoor

  • Great River Brewery - TBD

  • Kaiserslautern Square - Outdoor

  • LeClaire Park - Outdoor

  • Mac’s Tavern - Indoor

  • Mississippi River Distilling Company - Outdoor

  • MLK Park - Outdoor

  • The Half Nelson - Outdoor

  • The Last Picture House - Indoor/Outdoor

  • The Lemonade Stand - Indoor

  • Tiphanie's - Indoor/Outdoor

  • RiverCenter South/Made Market Stage - Outdoor

  • Raccoon Motel - Indoor

  • Ragged Records & Trash Can Annie Vintage Clothing - Indoor

  • Rubys - Outdoor

  • Sky Bridge - Indoor

  • Stompbox Brewing - Outdoor

  • UP Skybar at The Current Hotel - Outdoor

Downtown Rock Island Venues:

  • Coming soon 

Q: Is this event All-Ages with Kid-Friendly events?

A: The event is all ages; HOWEVER some venues are 21+, particularly in the evening.  Each venue’s age restrictions are the same as their typical rules on any normal day. Read up on our Schedule & Line Up before you bring your kiddo. 

Q: Where do I park?

A: Downtown Davenport has three perfectly located parking ramps with cheap parking costs, and street parking is free after 5 p.m. on weekdays and all weekend long. All three ramps have kiosks on the main floor of the ramp.
Downtown Davenport parking info and ramp locations

In Downtown Rock Island and Downtown Bettendorf street parking is free. 

Q: Can I get a deal on a hotel?

A: We have discounted hotel rates at both Hotel Blackhawk & The Current Iowa - both hotels are located in the heart of downtown Davenport. Click here to reserve your special ACQC24 rate! 

Coming from out of town?

A: First off, THANK YOU! We're excited for you to explore our downtown scene! Getting around can sometimes be tricky in a new place, and we totally get that. With a little help from Google maps and our trusty downtown websites, we’ve got you covered on the places to stay, eat, and shop. 

Q: How many years has this event been happening?

A: This is our 7th year hosting Alternating Currents. We have tapped into the Quad Cities best talent to create the village that is making this festival happen. 

Q: Is there camping?

A: No.  


Q: Is it possible to record this event?

A: Professional audio and video equipment is prohibited. Violations could result in confiscation of the devices and violators will be removed from the premises


Lost & Found

A: Please call 563.322.1706 after the festival if you have lost an item. We will hold items for 30 days. The Downtown Davenport Partnership will not be held liable for any items unclaimed.

Q. Who organizes this event?

A: Alternating Currents festival was founded in 2017 by the Downtown Davenport Partnership (DDP), a division of the Quad Cities Chamber. Now the event is powered by DDP and has expanded to include host downtowns Downtown Bettendorf Organization and Rock Island Downtown Alliance. The event is successful because of the many creative partners and businesses who come together to create an amazing experience for all. 

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