Cory Chisel
Triple Crown Whiskey Bar & Raccoon Motel
Saturday, Aug 26


By practically any standard, Cory Chisel is a success. He has recorded two critically acclaimed albums, 2009’s Death Won’t Send A Letter and 2012’s Old Believers, with his band The Wandering Sons. He has toured the world with his friend and collaborator, Norah Jones. He has recorded with Rosanne Cash, and received a Grammy nomination for penning the title track to Emmylou Harris and Rodney Crowell’s 2015 album, The Traveling Kind. In 2013, Chisel helped to create a free music festival, Mile Of Music, in his hometown of Appleton, Wis., that now attracts 60,000 fans and hosts around 900 concerts per year.

Two years ago, Chisel decided he needed to change his life. Burned out by a cynical music industry and the non-stop grind of the road, he left his life as a performer and songwriter in Nashville and returned to Appleton with his partner and bandmate Adriel Denae. They were both seeking a home where life felt a little less transitory.
As if exiting a national hub for the music business wasn’t radical enough, Chisel also decided to take on his most ambitious project to date — renovating a 30,000-square-foot monastery in Appleton and converting it into a refuge for artists to work and create. Leveraging the connections with local civic and business leaders that he forged with Mile Of Music, Chisel envisions his latest endeavor as an oasis away from a money-obsessed mainstream.
Somehow in the midst of all this hard work and big dreams, Chisel and Denae found time to make a new record, Tell Me True, Chisel’s first LP in five years. While Chisel’s previous work is derived from rock, soul, and gospel traditions, Tell Me True is “a stark folk record, because at the end of exploring my many personalities these sounds are the roots of my creative spark,” Chisel states.


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