DJ Krfuew

Carriage Haus

Saturday, Aug 26


Dj Krfuew's style of DJ'ing can be summed up in two words: Unique and diverse.  The Chicago native, who currently resides in Muscatine, IA, started pursuing his ambitions in 1991, playing various types of party music such as house, techno, and freestyle, all synonymous with the Chicago party scene, as well as being pre-cursors to today's EDM (Electronic Dance Music).


In the following years, DJ Krfuew continued to hone his craft through mixing music and experimenting with different genres. In 2011, he made the technical transition from traditional turntable Djing to laptop and table consoles. It was at this time Krfuew delved deeper into his roots, by playing more Latin music to diversify his fan base. Never shying away from experimenting, he began to mix differetn sub-genres of Latin music with the house and techno beats that gained his initial notoriety. It's in these mixes that Krfuew's talent and experience shows, as he's able to seamlessly blend styles of music that might not otherwise been heard together.


Aside from being one of the top Latin DJ's in the Midwest, as well as being heard on in Miami, FL, DJ Krfuew is a co-owner and DJ of Flood 93 Radio, The Quad-Cities' first full fledged Internet and app based radio station. He is also available for booking through his DJ company, Sounds of Life Entertainment.


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