Redstone Room @ RME

Friday, Aug 25


Taking their name from the first letter in each of their names, BEEs was formed in 2017 after Bethann Heidgerken (Gavin), Erin Moore, & Esme Haferbier decided to (finally!) join forces. BEEs truly is an embodiment of the spirit of collaboration that pervades the creative community in the Quad Cities. BEEs spotlights particularly beautiful 3-part harmonies and songs about romantic relationships, the ridiculousness of high heels, fleeing to Mexico, fighting dragons, and being baptized in a fish aquarium. The women wield ukulele, guitar, electric bass, and korg synthesizer. In a short period of time, the babes of BEEs have been on some fun bills with some incredible musicians such as Denver's Paper Bird and Iowa City's Elizabeth Moen and River Glenn. 


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