A Storm is Coming: Learning the Blues w/ Coney Island Pete

Bucktown Center for the Arts

Saturday, Aug 26


A Storm Is Coming: Learning the Blues with Coney Island Pete” explores the relationship between 70 year-old blues musician Peter Collins and filmmaker Joseph Boyle.


Boyle started shooting this documentary after meeting Pete back in 2007. At the start, it was an inquiry into the objective definition of blues music. As the years passed, and life and relationships became strained, it evolved into a personal experience of the blues. It was finally completed in 2017.


Peter Collins has been a musician since the 1960’s and lives in New Orleans, LA. Joseph Boyle is from Davenport, Iowa, and has been making independent films for 15 years. He currently lives in Orlando, FL.

**This film will be followed by a Q&A session with Joseph Boyle**


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