Dr. Dog

Dr. Dog is an American rock band based in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, United States. The band's musical styling of indie rock is strongly influenced by bands of the 1960s, but they have also touched upon more unrelated genres since their inception. Their earlier recordings show influence of the lo-fi sound and pop sensibilities of indie rock bands. Their latest, Critical Equation, marks a shift in their music process, with the band recording exclusively on 16-track analog tape and inviting the assistance of an outside producer. “We wanted it to feel really live and be tracked in a live way,” says co-frontman Scott McMicken.



The Crane Wives

In Japanese folklore, the crane wife is a bird disguised as a woman who spins fine silks from her own feathers, until her identity is discovered. The Crane Wives spin fine songs from whole cloth, and you will never want the melodies to leave your head. From murky origins in Chinese restaurants, high school ska bands, and dorm room jam sessions, the band came together in 2010 in Grand Rapids, Michigan, and immediately began gathering a following with intricate melodies, sister-harmonies, and compelling songcraft. Initially part of the indie folk boom, their sound has grown and broadened with each new recording till categorization becomes difficult: rock, pop, folk? Just call it really good music.

Boy Bjorn

At SXSW 2015, aged just 25, Brian Holl was hit by a panic attack that would act as the catalyst for one of the most difficult periods of his young life. Brian had already achieved a great deal as one half of electronic-folk duo Foreign Fields - national tours, festival appearances, releasing a critically-acclaimed debut album - but an anxiety fueled by self-doubt, estimations, measuring up and counting trophies had finally reached tipping point. What happened next was bravely and honestly exposed in Foreign Fields sophomore record ‘Take Cover’ which ended with the first glimmer of hope since that fateful night. Fast forward 18 months and Brian is ready to continue the story with his first solo release under the name Boy Bjorn.

Moodie Black

Recorded over two years between Van Nuys and Minneapolis, Lucas Acid is 45 minutes of pounding, unsettled intensity with intermissions of fractured melodic beauty. As the namesake implies, Moodie Black are masters at establishing mood via richly textured backdrops that coil around K’s delivery. There is a vocal clarity on Lucas Acid that was somewhat lost in dense pockets of noise on previous releases that allows for K’s prose and storytelling to shine, with wraithlike wails and jarring screams filling in the negative space. Ceschi Ramos and French singer Pierre Mottron also provide guest vocals.

Michael Glabicki Singer/Songwriter of Rusted Root with Dirk Miller

The multi-platinum band out of Pittsburgh, evolved around front-man Michael Glabicki’s distinct sound and grew into a musical entity that has thrived in a non-genre specific category all its own. Rusted Root built their career around dramatic performances; their polyrhythmic, multicultural rock-and-soul picked up fans like a junkyard magnet as they swept across the nation on tour.


With its blend of bedroom psychedelia and golden-era pop, Arlie's music takes you into a cosmically nostalgic, retro-futurist world. And considering the meticulously crafted nature of the recorded sound, the songs translate surprisingly well to the stage -- as anyone who's seen Arlie can tell you, the shows are a distinct phenomenon of their own. The 5-piece, lead by songwriter and frontman Nathaniel Banks, met as undergrads at Vanderbilt and Belmont, and self-released their first single “Big Fat Mouth” in early 2017. A year later, the song has been streamed close to 2.5 million times and second single “Didya Think” is not far behind. 


The East$iders ™, is a mastermind group composed of TAJ, SPURG, FVNTVNV, and East$ide AVE.


While these artists all have individual careers which take precedent to the collective, this group was created to maximize the platforms and productivity for these artists to create a more fluid work environment. We thank you for your continuous support and please remember, the sun rises in the East.

The Velies

The Velies is an Indie Rock endeavor by Quad Cities music veterans Tom Swanson, Mo Carter, Marty Reyhons, and Aaron Jorgenson. The band writes, records, and performs introspective, original music. They rely on the organic sound of acoustic and electric guitars, bass, keyboards, ukulele, and drums as a bed for rustic vocal harmonies, creating bittersweet, dynamic anthems alongside catchy pop songs.

The Evening Attraction.jpg

The Evening Attraction

The Evening Attraction are back at it again, with a new record coming your way! The End, Again, to be released March 3rd, 2018, was recorded, mixed, and produced at Treehouse Records Chicago on 2” tape.

The Chicago Bop-Rock four-piece made their debut in 2014 with a 10 track LP, Almost Desperate. Over the course of the next three years, Miles Malin, Paul Ansani, Nick Tumminello, Joey Abaroa - affectionately known as TEA, would release 4 singles, including The Kids Don’t Care, a 45” vinyl release on boutique Dallas label Classic Waxxx Records in the summer of 2016. TEA's new album, The End, Again is out now!!!


The Other Brothers

The Other Brothers are Eli Clark on guitar, vocals and harmonica, Lorenz Inez on bass, and Jason Kadiwhompus on drums. 


Their business card says, “revved up rockabilly blues”—Reverbnation actually ranks them as the #1 Rockabilly band in the World. Bassist Lorenz Inez starts every show announcing the band plays “rock AND roll”. So what is it?


“What is Rock and Roll without the blues?” Eli Clark replied, taking a pensive drag on his cigarette.


“Blues is the lifeblood of rock and roll.” Lorenz interjected, “If people think rock and roll is dead—and these days it seems at the very least on life support— then it’s because it’s lost sight of the blues.”


“Besides,” Jason concluded, “labels are for critics and record companies.”


This is the latest development in a breakout year for The Other Brothers: their latest album, “Born Out Of Tune” was released in April, which led to a string of dates from Lincoln to Chicago, including appearances on Iowa Public Radio, KCWI, and a standing-room only debut at Kansas City’s legendary Westport Saloon.


Hal Reed & Mississippi Journey

Though Blues harpist, singer, and educator, Hal Reed is currently living in Bettendorf, IA, he was born just a few miles from the Mississippi Delta and grew up surrounded by legends of blues music. His playing brims with the stamp of authenticity, having a triple-fisted influence of Mississippi, Gospel and Chicago style blues pumping through his heart.


Mo Carter & Co.

Mo Carter & Company is a new female super-group  featuring Maureen Carter on guitar/vocals, Amy Foley on keys, and Melinda Leasman on violin.  Known for her bold, soulful voice and deep connections to the QC music scene, Mo is also a member of The Velies and previous member of Busted Chandeliers.  She has shared the stage with national acts from Jay Leno to Julia Nunes and Caroline Rose.  Mo Carter & Company is excited to bring their unique, original sound to the Alternating Currents lineup. 


2018 Ellis Kell Winter Blues All-Stars

Every year the River Music Experience hosts a program over the winter holiday break called “Winter Blues”, which features vocal and instrumental workshops for local area musicians ages 8-18 that  focuses on blues composition and improvisation.  The best of these young players are selected by their instructors and form a band every year called the Winter Blues All-Stars, who continue to hone their craft, practice and perform as a band throughout the year at various venues and festivals.  After the unfortunate passing of Winter Blues founder Ellis Kell in 2016, the group has been renamed to Ellis Kell Winter Blues All-Stars. 


This year’s All-Star band features Dylan Dankert, Keval Wagher, Alex Durian, Jake Marcov, Asjiona Sheldon, and Samantha Gilliland.  Come check out the future of the blues this year on the RME Courtyard!

Erin Moore.jpg

Erin Moore 

Erin pairs introspective lyrics about human relationships and elements of fantasy & storytelling with a remarkably versatile voice that lends itself to many genres of music, namely blues, jazz, and americana (although she really, really just wants to play super-fun tunes that you and she can dance to in your living room). Playing a baja telecaster, she finds inspiration in 20th-century female jazz vocalists, blues singers, 90s grunge tunes, music festival parking lots, The Doppler effect, reggae, and Jimi Hendrix to name a handful. She has been compared to Bonnie Raitt, Sheryl Crow, and Amy Winehouse. Once you've pegged her for "sweet & sexy," she'll deliver a gutteral growl that will likely catch you off-guard. 

She has proudly recorded on a growing number of projects and local albums in the Quad Cities area, and she sings and plays guitar in the band "Busted Chandeliers" (Postmarks & Timestamps, album released in 2014 on iTunes).

She proudly contributes to a growing number of projects and local albums in the Quad Cities area, and she sings and plays guitar in the female-centric rock-folk band "Busted Chandeliers" (Postmarks & Timestamps, album released in 2014 on iTunes).

She gleefully sings backing vocals on occasion with The Candymakers, a QC-based high-energy rock & soul outfit that is sure to knock your socks off

Joe Marcinek All Star Super Jam.jpg

Joe Marcinek All Star Super Jam 

featuring Alan Evans (Soulive) Steve Molitz (Particle) and Freekbass 

Joe Marcinek Band is an experience you will never forget. That is because each show features a different lineup of musicians creating a different set of music every night. The music is equal parts Chicago Blues, New Orleans Funk, Grateful Dead Psychedelia, and Jazz Fusion!  

Joe Marcinek tours nationally from New York to LA and everywhere in between. Most of the lineups will only happen one time making every night a can't miss show. 

River Whyless

River Whyless are a neo-traditional folk quartet from Asheville, North Carolina who bring a dose of folk-rock and an artful approach to their songwriting and arrangements. The lineup consists of Ryan O'Keefe (vocals/guitar), Halli Anderson (vocals/ violin), Daniel Shearin (bass/harmonium/vocals), and Alex McWalter (drums), with O'Keefe, Shearin and Anderson taking turns on lead vocals. After forming in 2009 and touring the U.S. and Canada as they prepared material, River Whyless made their home studio-recorded debut with A Stone, a Leaf, an Unfound Door, which was self-released in 2012.

Super Doppler

All born and raised in Norfolk, VA, Super Doppler began their journey as a loose collective of high school friends with a common interest in late nights and loud music. Desperate to escape the impending reality of the 9 to 5 workday, the group decided to hit the open road and play for anyone willing to listen. No matter how dark the basement or lonely the bar, it was here in the farthest fringes of the music industry that these ragtag renegades would make their stand.

The One Night Standards

The One Night Standards formed in late 2001 as a loud Surf band based in beautiful Davenport Iowa. The band has played several hundred shows including opening for Dick Dale, Split Lip Rayfield, Junior Brown, Th' Legendary Shack Shakers, The Gore Gore Girls, The Red Elvises, The Role Models, The Peelers, and plenty more. The showman ship of this band equals music that will rip your face off or break your heart. In short God Bless Iowa, God Bless The One Night Standards

Ceramic Animals.jpg

Ceramic Animal

A couple a’ nasty boys...


...That’s all this retro-fitted-indie-psych-pop-dad-rock quartet boils down to.  The three Regan brothers with long-time pal Dallas Hosey produce a rock & roll that winks at the past, while pulling through modern sounds and an original production.


Riding the Spotify-fueled success of their first album “The Cart” (2016), the band has been heralded as a rising star in the psych-pop-revival movement. August 2018 will mark the release of their second full-length Album “The Horse”, as well as their first coast-to-coast US national tour.


Zack and Dani were married in 2012 and soon after their wedding tried writing a couple songs together. They liked it, so they wrote a couple more. Andy, a friend from college and very talented drummer, was into the songs and started beating on stuff while Zack and Dani played them. It sounded good. While these 3 were playing the songs at Shakespeare in the Park one August afternoon, Brian became interested in adding his immense talent to the mix as well and began playing along with mandolin and guitar. It sounded even better. Birdtalker as these 4 members wrote and practiced for about a year when yet another talented friend and Birdtalker's biggest fan, Jesse, expressed interest in lending his bass sounds to the band. It is the combination of each member's specific offerings that gives Birdtalker the life and sound that it now possesses. And it doesn't hurt that they all like each other a heck of a lot, too.


Hembree’s path to success is proving to be as nostalgia-inducing as it is powerful: labor away at home and in fly-by-night studios creating music you love; send your song to the local DJ (yes, on the actual radio) and have him love it so much he plays it immediately; tour and tour and tour and tour and tour; and begin to hear that song on radio stations across the country, acting as early beacons to the larger world taking notice. 

Their new EP, Had It All, arrives on the heels of Hembree’s second single “Holy Water” and its slow, simmering success. That song, released in November 2016, made it onto the Billboard Alt Radio chart (virtually unheard of for a band without a machine behind them), garnered close to one million streams, and opened the door for Hembree to perform with artists as varied as Cold War Kids and Elvis Costello.

The Zealots

Rock anthems and melodic instrumentation define the original sound of The Zealots from Bettendorf, Iowa. The music scene is struggling in Iowa, which is why The Zealots are aiming to be something new and different. After forming in the summer of 2014, they started mixing rock genres into a masterpiece. The Zealots are nothing but original. 

In late 2014 The Zealots were the first band from Iowa to collaborate with Joey Sturgis & his team at went on to mix & master the single Chips the Fish. After hearing the final version of the song, The Zealots knew they had struck gold.


Jordan Danielsen

Jordan Danielsen started writing songs at a young age, and performing and hosting open mics, in his hometown of Davenport, Iowa. In 2005, he became the house act at Eagle Ridge resort and spa in the historic town of Galena Illinois. While at Eagle Ridge, Jordan built his repertoire of over 10 hours of music, and learned to play to a wide range of audiences. Eventually he branched out and began touring regionally around the Midwest. He has shared the bill with National acts such as G-Love and Special Sauce, Tim Reynolds, Better Than Ezra, Los Lobos, Lissie, and Tonic



Naming themselves after the first letter of their names, BEEs formed in 2017 when friends Bethann Heidgerken, Erin Moore, and Esme Haferbier were hanging out and enjoying each other's company. One night, in Erin's basement, amidst much laughter and cerebral conversation, the three women began sharing some of their original songs and discovered that their combined voices sounded remarkably beautiful together. While each woman is a songwriter and musician in her own right, it is synergistic-ally through the blending of crystalline and soulful voices that they tap into dormant magic. Forming a band full of authentic musical chemistry that is compelling to a wider audience is as much a crap-shoot as it is luck of the draw. But getting to create that magic with your best friends? That is a miracle.


Eric Chesser

Eric Chesser, is an American Country Music Artist from Plainfield, Illinois. As a teen, he began writing music. His love for country music grew on him as a young boy being on the farm with his grandpa in Big Rock, Illinois. During high school and college, Eric played sports, guitar, and began to write songs in his free time. Along with being a Division I college athlete, his passion for music inspired Eric to continue to write songs and play music.  


Ron Tegeler FOURTET

Guitarist Ron Tegeler,from Clinton, Iowa has been performing with local and national groups over the past 40 years. Although playing many genres of music during that time, his passion remains centered around jazz.  Ron's style has been influenced by guitar greats such as Larry Carlton, Robben Ford, Kenny Burrell, Joe Pass, and Wes Montgomery. Ron most commonly performs in a jazz trio or quartet setting, but has also performed in larger combos, big band settings, and as a soloist on many occasions.

Corey Wallace.jpg

Corey Wallace

H. C. Wallace is a songwriter who puts his passion and study of music to work in his original pieces. Picking up the violin at the age of 6 he was put on the path that ultimately brought him to the electric guitar at age 13.  After a series of disgruntled neighbors he put down the electric guitar and began focusing on the acoustic guitar at the age of 16.  His body of original works covers blues, jazz, rock, and classical styles.  Recently, he recorded a debut EP at the legendary Rax Trax Studios in Chicago, IL that will be released this spring. It features local artists Zach Harris, Matt Sivertsen, Drew Irion, Zack Johnson, Justin Mooney, Bob Rosensteil, Jordan Danielsen, and Kelly Wagner.  You can find him playing his music with the band Crazy Blue at wineries and clubs in the area.

David Mayfield.jpg

David Mayfield Parade

STRANGERS, Mayfield’s first album with Compass Records, is a tour de force, stretching from the avant-garde to Mayfield’s musical roots, which are buried deep in the bluegrass tradition from a childhood of touring with his family’s band. Tracks range from the Celtic-inspired opener “Caution,” which features Mayfield’s deft ability in orchestrating complex instrumentation, to “The Man I’m Trying to Be,” a sharply honest song that is as dark and it is tender. Mayfield is truly a wordsmith, forging the mundane into the evocative in each track, most notably with “Ohio (It’s Fake),” whose innovative lyrics are propelled from acoustic beginnings into a pure pop finish, Mayfield’s trembling tenor rising above the grooving band. With the release of Strangers, David Mayfield is clearly going places, fueled by a deadly combination of infectious energy and songwriting chops that only come around once in a blue moon.

Aaron Kamm and the One Drops

Hailing from St. Louis, MO, Aaron Kamm and the One Drops merge flavors of Roots Reggae, Mississippi River Blues, Improv-laced Jams, and Soulful Vocals. With a High energy performance and a unique sound this band is a must see.


Handmade Moments

"What makes the homey Ozark stew of Handmade Moments so very nourishing, so perfectly spiced? Partake and be effortlessly guided through wistful and deep channels of musical flavor, rich with hearty roots and fungi, vegetables home-gardened and watered from the sacred well of American musics: jazz old-time country blues soul hip-hop rock (and it don't stop). Glistening with insight and whimsy, long-simmering with righteous compassion and beauty, Handmade Moments are a fearless all-weather duo - complementary spirits of musical tightrope and magic - serving up entrée to their secret river of goodness." - Matthew Souzis

The Candymakers

The Candymakers are a Rock N' Soul band with the traditions of old-school R&B and,funk. This young band offers a sound that is contemporary, yet keeps the essence of music past. Though the band is known for its soulful male vocalist, it is anchored by the collaborative genius of its blues driven guitarist and funky rhythm section. Often joined by a rotating cast of horn players and vocalists, the band can be seen with up to 12 members on stage. 
After forming in 2010, they were awarded 1st place in the 2011 Iowa Blues Challenge. After reaching the semi-finals in both The International Blues Challenge and The Kings of Beale Street Competition, they returned home to release their debut album in February of 2012. Their second studio effort "Ridiculicious" was released in September of 2014.


Airpark makes forward-thinking pop music.


The duo’s latest single ‘Yours Till I Die’ debuts on their own independent label, Eugenia Hall Records, on April 27, 2018. The tune was fortuitously finished, as brothers Ben and Michael wrote and prepared to record their third EP, which is due out in late Summer 2018.


A version of this song was collecting dust in the duo’s back catalog, dating back to early 2017, when their first EP, Early Works, Volume 1, was released. Fast forward one year, while working with producer Ryan McFadden (TORRES, Tony Joe White), a chance organ swell gave way to an ascending piano riff, offering the refrain ‘Yours Till I Die’ new life.


Drama is a dark and passionate musical collaboration between Na'el Shehade and Via Rosa. The Chicago-based duo are each established artists in their own right. She as a solo vocalist and member of the THEMpeople collective, he as a producer and engineer having collaborated with artists such as Chance the Rapper on his breakout mixtape "Acid Rap" and Kanye West's GOOD Music on the Cruel Summer compilation, the latter debuting at number two on the US Billboard 200.

Drama's moody sound has been described as soulful electronic combining influences of house music, indie, neo-soul, pop and R&B. Their melancholy lyrics are a reflection of their own personal experiences relating to love and heartbreak. Together they make what they love to call "Happy-Sad Music."

Drama is an independent band. They self-released their first EP, Gallows, in November 2016.

Yes You Are

You've probably already heard Yes You Are, as their song HGX debuted on Pepsi's Superbowl 51 commercial, as has played over 15,000 times since, all over the world. The song was also featured in the hit movie Bad Moms, as well as FX's Tyrant and MTV's Scream.

"We play black pop." says Kianna Alarid, Yes You Are's intense front woman, "It implies that there might be shadows lurking, even in the shiny places." Listening to their upcoming album, it IS essentially pop, but they redefine the genre with each and every song. We hear gospel choirs, synth-covered dance rhythms and even guitar-heavy rock anthems, but the mainstay (and mainstream friendly) sing-along hooks are what binds all of their work together. 

DJ Buddha

Dj Buddha aka Joshua Smith has been a staple in the dance music scene for over 20 years, as well as a key member behind the scenes in the quad cities music scene. From running sound with Rexroat sound, to DJing and organizing underground events. Recently DJ Buddha has had the privilege of DJing 2 years in a row at Camp Euforia. His style infuses the music of yesterday and today with the soulful house beats that keep you Groovin and movin'


Bret and Al of the Candymakers

Al and Bret of the Candymakers have a blast playing acoustic original and cover music usually ending each song with a cheers. They’ve been playing music together since they were 17 and they base their set lists off of having fun!


Josh Duffee

Born in Moline, Illinois, and now residing across the river in Davenport, Iowa, Josh Duffee is regarded as one of the world’s greatest 1920’s style percussionists.  He has performed at numerous jazz festivals and concerts all around the world, including England in 2008, 2010, 2011, 2012 and 2013, and Australia in 2001, 2003, 2011 and 2013.

Josh is the leader of many groups in the Quad City area, including the following:  Josh Duffee & His Graystone Monarchs (20’s and 30’s), Josh Duffee & His Orchestra (20’s-40’s), The Josh Duffee Jazz Quartet (30’s and 40’s), and the Soon-To-Be Named Synth-Pop Band.  


The Last Glimpse

Texture, emotion, and crushing sound, this is The Last Glimpse. It's a project about capturing a feeling, and the band does so expertly. Largely influenced by 90's space rock pioneers HUM and melodic masters Jimmy Eat World, The Last Glimpse isn't afraid to be experimental but doesn't stray too far from what makes pop music great. With two accomplished singer / songwriters working together to craft the basics, vocal texture and harmony weave seamlessly with huge guitars and drums, making the band's sound massive, dynamic, and melodic. Coming off recent appearances with Bush and Helmet the band has also been chosen as an opening act for Chicago rockers Local H, as well as a slot on the Daytrotter Downs festival, the band is poised to bring their version of alternative rock to the masses.


the golden fleece

Max Kamm - Percussion 
Zach Jackson- Bass/Vocals
Ryan Simpson - Guitar/Vocals
Jacob Hagaman - Guitar/Vocals

The Giving Tree.jpg

Giving Tree Band

If music is the universal language, then musicians are agents of unity and inclusivity. On FREQUENCY OF LOVE, the 5th studio album of The Giving Tree Band, much of their imaginative American rock 'n roll manifests from lucid dreams.  With all their instruments calibrated to sacred tunings inspired by ancient mythologies of healing and miracles, the Illinois group's new age outlaw sound opens the heart and invites the soul to dance. Loaded with tales of transcendent love and the adventures of warriors of the light, the positive vibrations sail out in all directions carrying the sweet message of harmony and optimism