Friday, Aug 25


A mostly instrumental band, Tires is experimental electronic noise that is pounding, driven, and chaotic.The band’s electronic barrage turned an otherwise content rock music scene on its head, filtering Des Moines’ history with the genre through walls of cascading synths, plugged-in psychedelia, and contemporary Krautrock resulting in a kaleidoscopic experience of wired ecstasy that hits with the force of a knockout blow. The band began as Phil Young (guitar and electronic sound manipulations) and Jordan Mayland (drums, synthesizers, guitar) since its formation in 2011, with Chris Marshall (drums, guitar) & Cory Wendel (bass) joining the fray as full time members in 2012, freeing the band to round out Tires’ massive wall of sound with more deliberate focus. -Trey Reis (Warm Gospel Records)


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