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Alternating Currents is a festival built on community discovery. AC features 100+ performances across 30+ venues with a wide variety of music, comedy, film and visual arts. It’s also the only bi-state, multi-city festival of its kind, and we take our role of festival curators very seriously. We aim to introduce attendees to artists that will excite and inspire them.



Our festival is pretty unique, and we are committed to delivering a memorable guest and artist experience. We want you to know what may be asked of you before you apply. With that in mind there are couple things you should consider before submitting information to us.


  • Music talent will be asked to play two 60 min. shows (on different stages) on the same day. Comedians, visual artists, and street performer schedules will be discussed at time of booking.

  • PA and sound engineer is provided at all venues. Backline will not be provided.

  • Festival catering is provided to all performing artists.

  • Hotels are provided for out of market artists (80+ mile radius). 

  • Talent is encouraged to mingle with attendees during the weekend. The vibe is relaxed and festival-goers have always been respectful, but if you are hesitant to interact with fans, this is probably not the festival for you.

  • We do not book cover or tribute bands. We pride ourselves on booking bands that have a collection of original music that will fill a set. 

  • There may be opportunities to participate in other festival activations (song circle, jam session, workshop, forum, etc.) 

  • You may be asked to do a recorded interview prior to the festival for promotional material.

  • Please note, upon acceptance, the applicant will be notified and sent a new form to collect final marketing and financial assets. Without these assets we can’t promote the festival or you, the artist. We also can’t pay you without a contract and W9.  


Think this all sounds dandy? Enter your details below for consideration at Alternating Currents Festival. 


If you are an agent, please connect directly with Festival Director, Jason Gilliland.

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